You are welcome at Faith Lutheran Church!


 If you…


  • Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Indigenous or all/some/none of the above

  • Are male, female or transgendered; straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning or uncertain,

  • Are single, married, divorced, separated, partnered, or widowed,

  • Are caring for children, parents, siblings, grandchildren, pets, or anyone else,

  • Are a crying baby, surly adolescent, in a midlife crisis, over the hill or overextended,

  • Arrived here in a luxury car, mini-van, SUV, truck, taxi, bicycle, or on your own two feet,

  • Vote republican, democratic, independent, libertarian, if you don’t vote at all or can’t stand politics,

  • Live in a gated community, a house, an apartment, mobile home; are a “come here” or a “from here”; are here for the duration, for the summer, semester, or the potluck,

  • Have, or have had addictions, mental illness, an abortion, chronic illness, or a criminal record,

  • Are disabled, fully-abled, differently-abled, or simply unique and unclassifiable,

  • Have a PhD, a GED, a Purple Heart, or if you graduated from the school of hard knocks,

  • Are a lifelong Lutheran, any other faith, still searching or even surprised you walked through a church door.

 Then you are a child of God and you are welcome at Faith Lutheran Church!

Faith Lutheran church is a community of the people of God, called to minister with and to all people. We believe that the gospel is God’s gift to be shared unconditionally with all, including and especially with those who have been traditionally marginalized by the church.

We affirm, with the apostle Paul, that “in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female. Christ has made us one” [Galatians 3:28]. We pledge to ourselves and all others that we will strive to be agents of healing within our society and to live as a reconciling people in our life together in our outreach to the world.








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